Meet the CEO

Donel Fernandes was born in Orlando, FL to a Jamaican Mother and Guyanese Father. From an early age, Donel showed interests in geography, social work and excelled in sports. Excelling in boxing, track & field and basketball and  winning numerous competitions during his high school years , he eventually earned a track and field scholarship to attend Monroe College. In college, Donel had the opportunity to meet and make friends from around the globe while also studying hospitality management.  Donel graduated Cum Laude with his B.A  degree in hospitality management as well as being named a 2011 NJCAA Student- Athlete All American.  After graduating college and entering the work force for 1 year, Donel took an offer to study abroad in Brazil to learn the language of Portuguese. 

Donel attended Portuguese courses and aided in the physical education classes  at Colégio Conde Domingos in São Paulo, Brazil. While studying the language and learning the layout of Brazil, Mr. Fernandes took a volunteer position at a School/ Daycare named Associação Adelaide Ferreira. The aforementioned school provided education to numerous students that lived in a surrounding Favela neighborhood. While volunteering here and communicating with both students and teachers, Donel learned about the some of the mis-fortunes the inhabitants of the Favela community face. With the help of his friends and family he was able to raise money that was used to purchase a bevy of new goods such as clothing, learning materials, hygienic products and toys for the children of attending the school . This action sparked  the brain child for Favela Fashion. Desiring to do more Favela Fashion was  created to be a brand that not only represents the inhabitants of the Favela communities but also benefits them. Donel pledges that a portion of all proceeds made from purchases will be redistributed within not only 1 Favela community in São Paulo, but Favelas throughout the beautiful country of Brazil.

Thank You = Muito Obrigado 
Donel Fernandes